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Welcome to podcastbroadcase! My name is Sam, and I’m here to help you make sense of this world. I run a podcast called Podcastbroadcast in where I talk about world events, stuff I like and things that interest me. Which is a lot of stuff. I decided to create a blog as well, in fact you’re on it now. My blog is even more random than my podcast, so I hope you enjoy reading about my daily life, random things that happen to me and some of my “unique” musings. Who am I outside of the internet? I’m a mother of 2, an entrepreneur (Love how that sounds) and an artist in training.

Finding My Unicorn: Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

How I Found Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit

Everyone told me that it couldn’t be done but I was determined to prove them wrong. I’d had some money problems a few years back when my mom got sick. I had to take a lot of time off of work and I was really young so I didn’t really have savings. My boss told me that I had a job when I was ready to come back, which was great. But when my little bit of savings was gone, I still had to muddle through a few months with what little money my family could give me. Bills were late. My credit suffered. But I didn’t have a choice and, to be honest, I didn’t care. My mom was more important.

She got better, thank goodness, and I went back to work. I actually worked as much overtime as I could and had everything caught up within a few months. But my credit score still took a beating.

Anyway, I had given up my apartment when I moved into my mom’s. When she got better, she sold me her car because she wasn’t really going to need it anymore. This was great because I lived farther away from work and had to drive instead of taking the bus, but it also meant I had to get insurance.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get insured because of my credit issues. Plus, I couldn’t really afford a big payment. What I needed was very cheap car insurance no deposit. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to find!

I spent a few hours looking around online and made an appointment with an agent which I found here: http://www.verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/. I thought it would be better to go in and talk to someone about what had happened to me instead of filling out a form online. It turned out to be the right decision. I was honest about everything which I like to think made a difference.

It’s nice not to feel judged when you’re working your way out of a bad situation. I knew on paper it looked bad but I had made a lot of progress. I was willing to keep working at it and I feel like my agent believed me and gave me a chance.

Things have kept getting better and I’ve been able to start saving money again. More importantly, my mom is still healthy. So if you’re looking for cheap car insurance no deposit I highly recommend the website above!

Used cars Mississauga – How I found a great deal

Buying a used car in Mississauga

When I totaled my truck, I was beside myself. It wasn’t because the truck was especially valuable. I had bought it off my dad when I started college and he got a new one. It was great for hauling things back and forth from the dorm to home every year. I admit, it was a little annoying to be the only one of my college buddies with a pick-up because everyone was always asking me for favors. Can you help me move? Would you be able to help me pick up this couch I bought online? One time, someone even asked me if I’d be willing to let them borrow it so they could take it camping for the weekend and sleep in the bed. I mean, dude didn’t even ask me to go camping with him. Just straight up wanted to use my truck

Anyway, I totaled it. I wasn’t even doing anything stupid, I swear. It was a cold, snowy evening and I was on my way home for the holiday break. Hit an ice patch and hit a tree. I wasn’t hurt. I wasn’t going all that fast because I knew the roads were bad. But that left me stuck in a pretty hopeless situation.

I didn’t get much from insurance but my parents offered to give me some money toward a down payment on a car as a bonus Christmas gift. As far as used cars go Mississauga has more than a few dealerships to pick from. Dad and I shopped around a bit. When we got to our last planned stop of the day, I felt defeated. But the salesmen were so great! I found a truck I wanted right away. When they heard my story, they were so great. Knocked a couple hundred off the price. The salesman we were working with even stayed way late to help me finish up the paperwork.

You know, when you talk about used cars salesmen, there are a lot of stereotypes out there. So much so that I was afraid that I was never going to find one who was honest. I had almost given up hope. When it comes to used car dealerships, Mississauga has some good ones. It’s nice to know not everyone is trying to take advantage of you. I had a new ride by Christmas – another pick-up. Of course. Next time I look for used car dealerships I definitely search online; since there’s so many websites that have dealership reviews, like carcanuck.ca

All you need to know about LAS Vegas Car Insurance

Las Vegas Car Insurance Explained

We all care about our cars extensively and we want them to stay fine at all the times. One method is to take care of our cars ourselves as much as we can and don’t push our cars beyond limits. In such a case, our cars will not get out of order. However, what should you be doing in case you get in a car accident and the repair cost is too much for you? Well, the answer is that either you sale of your car in scrap because it is of no use unless a good amount is spent on it OR you can get your car insured so that you never have to worry about unexpected heavy repairs.

Car Insurance Las Vegas

Car insurance is a great thing for your car and it can always help you avoid such expensive repairs by having small monthly payments. Most of the countries have insurance available today. If you belong to Las Vegas, you need to specially get car insurance. Why? Well, Las Vegas is a densely populated area which always has tourists from other countries which may hire cars from Car renting companies. Since a lot of tourists come here, there is a chance that they might face accidents which can be costly. The price of car repairs are the highest in Las Vegas in whole of Nevada. If you are planning to spend some time in Las Vegas or you are looking for cheap car insurance Las Vegas, then you have reached the right spot. Continue reading to find out more about auto insurance in Las Vegas.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Las Vegas?

Well, we all go for cheap options but in Las Vegas, the cheapest option might be one of the most expensive ones. This is because it is a proper urban city center with mass investment and gambling all year round. Compared to the typical city rates, the insurance rates at Las Vegas are 39% higher which is quite a lot for those who have to pay a good amount at monthly basis. If you are interested in having your car insured in the City of Las Vegas, you need to give a try to the company Progressive. The best part is that this company is considered to be one of the cheapest ones in the whole of Nevada. The starting rates of Progressive are $933 per year or $78 per month. I recommend checking out: http://www.whohasthecheapestautoinsurance.com for better quotes.

Other Auto insurance at Las Vegas

There are several different companies working at Las Vegas for car insurance purposes. If you are in search of the best auto insurance at Last Vegas, then continue reading. Earlier we discussed the company Progressive. Next, comes two of the biggest rivals existing at Las Vegas or we could say entire Nevada. These are GEICO and Allied. Both of these companies have rates in line with each other and are known for providing their users with an excellent service. They are slightly better than progressive since they allow a bit of an extra coverage which is not present in Progressive. The rates of GEICO start at $1045 per year which is $87 per month. For Allied, it is $1080 per year or $90 per month. Not much of a difference, just like their services.

High Budget Insurance Companies

If you have a good budget for car insurance at Las Vegas, then you are lucky because there are a lot of options available for you here. However, two of the most common insurance companies which are thought to be of high budget and the prices reach as much as $1872 per year, they are one of the best. Oregon Mutual and Capital are two of the most amazing auto insurance companies at Las Vegas. Both companies provide high-end support to the customers and there are maximum chances that your claim gets accepted in a swift manner and you get back to the road within one week. Both companies have received excellent responses from the customers as well but the only flaw is the fact that they are slightly expensive. This might be a problem for those who are employees but not for rich business men or those who are involved in gambling. The starting rates of Oregon Mutual are $1848 per year which is $154 per month and slightly similar yet higher rates are for capital where $1872 is the yearly payment that reaches out to $156 per month.

Shocking! Average car insurance rates at Las Vegas

You will be surprised to know that the average car insurance rates at Las Vegas are $2211 per year. This basically means that there are some companies which are charging an even higher amount for insurance services. Cheap auto insurance at Las Vegas barely exists but you always have a few options such as Progressive which can be kept in mind. In case, you decide to raise your budget for auto insurance at Las Vegas, you will always be delighted to see that your required budget has some of the best auto insurance policies for you. If you want cheaper insurance you may want to look into zero down auto insurance.

Conclusion: Car Insurance Las Vegas

Coming to the main part, we obviously mentioned a few of the cheapest car insurance companies in Las Vegas. If you want their detail about insurance for your car, head over to the website of your desired insurance company and immediately request a quote. Also, read some reviews from the users who have already been using these insurance companies in order to have a much better and clear idea as which car insurance company is the right one. For sure, this review will help you the most in finding the cheap car insurance at Las Vegas but if you don’t find the right one, then you may have to shift your budget up in order to get the right one. Stay safe and have your car safe as well by keeping it insured!

Vetting Electricians In A Big City Like Tulsa

Finding Good Electricians In Tulsa

Big cities and other large population centres have their good points and their bad points. On the one hand, living in a big city means that you have all the services and amenities you could possibly want at your disposal. The bigger the city the more likely it is to have the kind of restaurants you want, the cool bars and clubs, huge shopping malls with hundreds of shops, etc. With big city life, you can end up a bit spoilt for choice. This in itself can be both a pro and a con to living in a high population centre like Tulsa.

You have an overabundance of choice. Too many services and businesses to choose from. It can make it exceedingly difficult when trying to decipher where to go, what to buy, who to hire, etc. With the higher number of businesses operating in the area, you’re going to get bother better businesses and awful, scamming businesses. The bigger the city, the harder it is to pick out who is who. Though, like I said, the better companies and services tend to appear in the larger cities.

For example, say you need to hire electricians Tulsa. Tulsa is the 47th most populous city in the United States of America. There’s going to be tons of companies and independent contractors vying for your patronage and you need to know who is worth the effort and who is just going to cause you trouble down the line.

Do your research! It might take a while but really go through as many companies you can find and look at all the reviews and feedback you can find. Less reputable companies may even pay to have fake reviews written for them so you can’t just rely on a five star system; you have to actually read the reviews and make sure everything seems legitimate.

It’s almost certain that you have friends and family who have recently used an electrician. Ask them who they hired and what they were like.

Were they good? Were they professional? Were there any issues that came up? Be as thorough as possible so that you don’t get burned.

Big Family, Small Budget

Everyone always wants to know how we’re able to go on big family vacations every summer when I’m a stay at home mom with two kids. Well, my husband has a great job. But that in itself isn’t enough. I do make a nice chunk of money from my writing. Not much, but enough to make it so we have some money to play with. But it isn’t so much what we have coming in that makes the difference. It’s how we handle everything going out.

First, I only get my kids’ clothes resale or on sale. That includes everything from shoes to winter jackets. Of course, we do a lot of hand-me-downs, too, and it helps that I have three boys. My oldest is a girl and she gets a splurge shopping trip every once in awhile. But she’s old enough to have a part time job and is pretty good about buying herself the special things she really wants.

Second, I don’t shop at expensive grocery stores. I prefer those places where you deposit a quarter for your shopping cart and don’t carry a lot of name brands. I’ll let you in on a secret. Some of their stuff is better than the big names. I found this curry sauce that is to die for. Anyway, I also go to a big warehouse store for all the staples: toilet paper, diapers, toothpaste. I buy it all in bulk. It’s a bit of an investment upfront, but over time, it more than pays for itself.

Third, I cut back on as much as I can. If you think about your monthly expenses, it’s likely you can cut back somewhere. Ask yourself, do I really need those premium channels in the cable package? Can I live without a DVR? Can I use a cell phone plan with less data? Who has the cheapest auto insurance? Do I really need full coverage car insurance on my old car? Would it be better to buy very cheap car insurance no deposit? Probably!

Budgeting is just as much about what you bring in as how you control what goes out. If you take a good look at where your money is going, you might be able to make some changes that will save you a lot more money than you think. That’s how we get to go on big family vacations every year. Scrimping by on the day to day lets us do some pretty amazing, exciting things.