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Used cars Mississauga – How I found a great deal

Buying a used car in Mississauga

When I totaled my truck, I was beside myself. It wasn’t because the truck was especially valuable. I had bought it off my dad when I started college and he got a new one. It was great for hauling things back and forth from the dorm to home every year. I admit, it was a little annoying to be the only one of my college buddies with a pick-up because everyone was always asking me for favors. Can you help me move? Would you be able to help me pick up this couch I bought online? One time, someone even asked me if I’d be willing to let them borrow it so they could take it camping for the weekend and sleep in the bed. I mean, dude didn’t even ask me to go camping with him. Just straight up wanted to use my truck

Anyway, I totaled it. I wasn’t even doing anything stupid, I swear. It was a cold, snowy evening and I was on my way home for the holiday break. Hit an ice patch and hit a tree. I wasn’t hurt. I wasn’t going all that fast because I knew the roads were bad. But that left me stuck in a pretty hopeless situation.

I didn’t get much from insurance but my parents offered to give me some money toward a down payment on a car as a bonus Christmas gift. As far as used cars go Mississauga has more than a few dealerships to pick from. Dad and I shopped around a bit. When we got to our last planned stop of the day, I felt defeated. But the salesmen were so great! I found a truck I wanted right away. When they heard my story, they were so great. Knocked a couple hundred off the price. The salesman we were working with even stayed way late to help me finish up the paperwork.

You know, when you talk about used cars salesmen, there are a lot of stereotypes out there. So much so that I was afraid that I was never going to find one who was honest. I had almost given up hope. When it comes to used car dealerships, Mississauga has some good ones. It’s nice to know not everyone is trying to take advantage of you. I had a new ride by Christmas – another pick-up. Of course. Next time I look for used car dealerships I definitely search online; since there’s so many websites that have dealership reviews, like